Funding your account

In order to play the game you will need to purchase booster packs that contain character cards (NFTs) using our native token GLORY. To purchase GLORY you will need to bridge ETH to the BLAST blockchain and send it to your in-game wallet.

The following game interactions will execute a transaction on the blockchain, meaning you are required to have ETH in your in-game wallet:

  • Purchasing Booster Packs (Minting NFTs)

  • Re-Rolling (Burning + Minting NFTs)

  • Battle Royale games

  • Crafting Artifacts

  • Card Level Up

Please see the below instructions on how to fund your account. Please note that our friends at Thruster Finance ( power our in-game ETH-GLORY swap function.

Onramp Fiat and Swap

We plan on having a direct fiat on-ramp to be able to purchase $ETH in-game.

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