The Convergence of Realms

SEKAI GLORY is located at the convergence of the realms, where those who ascend to the top achieve glory and fulfill their deepest desires. In this celestial arena, selected challengers from different corners of the universe are summoned to the Glory Tournament to win for glory or die trying. The world resonates with the cheers of celestial spectators who revel in the clashes of challengers.

The challengers, carefully chosen from diverse realms, represent distinct archetypes crucial to the balance of combat. From sharpshooters and sneaky assassins to sturdy tanks and healers, each archetype brings a wide range of combat. The arena also sees magical controllers, disruptive bruisers, and agile monks, alongside righteous paladins, all engaging in battles that shape the destiny of their worlds.

As battles unfold, alliances form, and rivalries spark, creating stories that reach beyond individual worlds. The outcome of the Glory Tournament decides the challengers’ fate.

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