Game Play Rewards

In SEKAI GLORY, players can obtain GLORY through various events.

Leaderboard Rewards At the end of each season, players receive rewards based on their final rank. This ranking system is derived from our ranking system, which requires players to win PvP matches.

A snapshot will be taken at 06:00 UTC at the end of each month for every season, and the amount of GLORY distributed will vary each month.

Dynamic GLORY Events These are designed to appreciate those who engage with the game in diverse ways, beyond merely ascending the leaderboard. From re-rolling to minting packs, there are plenty of ways to earn these rewards.

The snapshot for these events will occur at a random time, and the requirements will always vary. While climbing the leaderboard is a challenging feat, we firmly believe in honoring all players who immerse themselves in the game.

Tournaments Tournaments, held approximately once a month, will challenge players and create competition among them. The top performers will earn the greatest amount of GLORY. Please note that an entry fee is required for participation in these tournaments.

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