Baek Hyun

"What is laughable is thinking we’re equals." - Baek Hyun

Class - Controller | Race - Human


Prince Baek Hyun hails from the Mulnara, a realm where the ebb and flow of the tides are intertwined with the kingdom's destiny. As the heir to the throne, Prince Baek Hyun carries the weight of both his royal lineage and the responsibility to safeguard his people. His affinity for water manipulation, a gift inherited from generations past, marks him as a formidable force and since birth, no one has been able to challenge him. In addition to his royal duties, Prince Baek Hyun assumes the role of Captain of the Elite Guard, a prestigious position that showcases his prowess in combat and leadership. The Elite Guard, handpicked individuals for their exceptional skills, stands as the kingdom's first line of defence against external threats. Baek Hyun's strategic acumen and mastery over water make him a captain who not only leads by example on the battlefield but also commands respect and loyalty from his elite warriors.

He is known for being incredibly calculating, and methodical, believing in absolute power and in law and order. Few have been able to challenge him, and no one has lived to tell the tale after.


Baek Hyun's control over water is unparalleled. He can shape water into defensive barriers, unleash powerful tidal waves as offensive attacks, and manipulate moisture in the air for stealth and reconnaissance. His abilities extend to healing, as he can harness the rejuvenating properties of water to mend wounds and restore vitality. In moments of heightened emotion or danger, Baek Hyun can call upon the ancient water spirits, deepening his connection to the aquatic forces that surround Mulnara.


Aqua Reaver

Character Augmentation Material

  • Rare: Ocean Essence

    • Description: A vial containing power from the Enchanted Seas.

  • Epic: Heart of the Ocean

    • Description: A rare jewel found in the heart of the Underwater Citadel.

  • Legendary: Chalice of Sovereignty

    • Description: An enchanted goblet found in the Forgotten Castle.

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