"There is will, and there is strength." - Kairos

Class - Monk | Race - Human


Nestled in the rugged peaks, where the whispers of the wind and the solitude of the Khanger Mountains meet, lived a monk named Kairos. Born blind and seemingly fragile in a secluded village at the base of the mountains, Kairos embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Kairos's early years were marked by his physical weakness, but his spirit burned with a fervent belief in the power of inner strength. Determined to overcome his apparent limitations, he sought guidance from the ancient teachings of the mountain monks of the Khanger monetary. These wise and reclusive figures had mastered both the physical and spiritual aspects of existence, residing in seclusion to attain enlightenment. Kairos dedicated himself to the rigorous discipline of the Khanger monastery. Days turned into nights, months turned into years, as he not only practiced meditation but also immersed himself in the art of martial prowess. His pursuit of strength was not merely physical; it was a quest to see himself, a journey to unlock the potential within.

As the seasons changed, so did Kairos. The fragile young village boy transformed into a figure of immense strength and unwavering resilience. His mastery of martial arts became legendary, a harmonious dance of power and grace. He travels throughout the land to test his indomitable spirit in the pursuit of ultimate enlightenment.


Despite his blindness, Kairos is a master of martial arts. His movements are a harmonious blend of agility, precision, and strength. Each strike is executed with fluid grace, a testament to his years of disciplined training in the Khangar monastery. His loss of sight has gifted him with heightened senses. His acute hearing allows him to perceive the subtlest of movements, while his sense of touch enables him to feel the vibrations of the environment. These heightened senses grant him a unique advantage in combat, allowing him to anticipate and counter his opponents' actions. Through years of meditation and spiritual discipline, Kairos has cultivated a profound connection to the spiritual energies that permeate throughout all living things and harness as light energy. This insight grants him an intuitive understanding of the flow of energy in both the physical and spiritual realms, enhancing his martial prowess and allowing him to sense the intentions of those around him. His attacks are unpredictable and makes him a formidable adversary, as opponents find it challenging to anticipate his movements.


God Fist

Character Augmentation Material

  • Rare: Light Essence

    • Description: A vial containing power from the ancient sun temple.

  • Epic: Blessed Wraps

    • Description: Material woven by divine hands of the monk tribe found in the Khanger Mountains.

  • Legendary: Blessed Bead Fragment

    • Description: Beads once worn by the legendary monk who founded the monastery hidden deep in the Khanger Mountains.

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