"Just going with the rules of the world, you’re either a deadshot or you’re dead." - Mr. XIII

Class - Marksman | Race - Human


Mark Lockhart, born into a loving farming family, witnessed the cruel hand of fate when the notorious marksman, Vars, shattered his world. Vars, driven by a bounty, took the lives of Mark's parents, leaving him with nothing but a burning desire for revenge. Vars left him with a choice of life or death, Mark chose to survive, determined to one day end his parents' killer.

Under the harsh tutelage of Vars, Mark transformed from a grieving boy into a highly skilled marksman. The years of training refined his natural talent, making him a lethal force with his handguns. Every shot fired was a step toward the day he could settle the score with Vars.

One day, Mark found his home occupied by the Numbers Organization, searching for the elusive Vars who had disappeared. The cruel twist of fate continued as Mark, desperate to find Vars, was pulled into the clandestine world of the organization. His lethal skills and unwavering determination soon earned him the moniker "Mr. XIII," becoming the most feared marksman in their ranks. Every contract he fulfills is a step closer to his revenge. Mr. XIII balances on the precipice between the boy he once was and the harbinger of death he has become.


Mr. XIII a master marksman and dual-wielding specialist of unparalleled skill. His ambidextrous prowess with handguns, combined with enhanced reflexes and a strategic mind, makes him a formidable operative. Swift and silent, he excels in stealth, infiltration, and adaptive combat, employing a variety of ammunition with his customized dual pistols. He can hyperfocus to sharpen his senses and elevate his combat instincts to never miss a shot, making him a living legend in the criminal underworld. Whether executing long-range precision shots or engaging in close-quarters duels, Mr. XIII is a force to be reckoned with, blending elegance and lethality in every mission.


Demon Hunter

Character Augmentation Material

  • Rare: Gunpowder

    • Description: A fine black powder used for crafting bullets

  • Epic: Gunmetal

    • Description: Rare metal forged in the mystical mines.

  • Legendary: Essence bullet

    • Description: A bullet crafted by skilled sorcerers and master alchemists.

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