Mira Kurayami

"When you point your blade at me, you better be prepared." - Mira

Class - Assassin | Race - Human


Orphaned at a young age, Mira was discovered by members of Kage no Sato, the infamous assassin village, hidden away from the prying eyes of society. Recognizing her potential, they took her under their wing, offering her sanctuary within their world. Under the tutelage of skilled mentors, Mira honed her natural talents, mastering the art of stealth, deception, and combat. Her allure was matched only by her lethal proficiency.

Mira's upbringing in the shadows left her lacking in social skills. Her interactions with others were often characterized by a cool detachment, her focus solely on the mission at hand. Much like a lone wolf, she preferred the solitude of the night to the company of others.

As the years unfolded, Mira emerged as a formidable assassin, feared and respected in equal measure. Her missions took her across the world, where she moved like a shadow, leaving behind a trail of whispers and legends.


Mira is a shadow in the night, adept at moving silently and remaining undetected. Her mastery of stealth allows her to infiltrate heavily guarded compounds, evade surveillance, and approach her targets unseen. Years of training have honed Mira's senses to a razor-sharp edge. She possesses heightened awareness, able to detect subtle changes in her environment and anticipate threats before they arise.

One of Mira's most notable talents is her remarkable speed, allowing her to move with lightning-fast agility both in combat and evasion. Her swiftness gives her an edge in engagements, enabling her to outmanoeuvre opponents and strike with unparalleled quickness.


Tempest Star

Character Augmentation Material

  • Rare: Basic Technique Scroll

    • Description: A scroll containing a beginner ninjutsu technique.

  • Epic: Advanced Technique Scroll

    • Description: A scroll containing an advanced ninjutsu technique.

  • Legendary: Secret Technique Scroll

    • Description: A legendary scroll containing a secret ninjutsu technique.

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