Game Modes

We have 3 game modes to choose from: Duel Battle, Battle Royale, PvE Tower Mode.

Duel Battle

This game mode is a 1 v 1 battle that consists of both players choosing a deck to compete with. The matchmaking system will match players based on their rank(ELO score) and level.

When you compete in this battle mode you are subject to gaining or losing ELO based on several factors:

  • If you win you will gain ELO based on your rank as well as your opponents rank.

  • If you lose you will lose ELO based on your rank as well as your opponents rank.

Duel Battle can also take place by challenging players on the leaderboard. There will be a cooldown in challenging the same player after you have challenged them on the leaderboard (approx. 6 hours).

To challenge a player head to the "RANKING" section and click on a player that you would like to challenge.

If you are on the leaderboard, we suggest you set your "Defense Deck" in order to ensure that players challenge the deck that you want to use to defend your spot on the leaderboard.

Battle Royale

This game mode pits anywhere from 2 to 50 players against each other using a single card. Each player must submit a fee paid in $GLORY to join the Battle Royale game. Once more than 2 players enter the room the battle will begin in 2 minutes. The winner is determined at random based on the cards stats.

This game mode is very much RNG so please join only if you're willing to lose $GLORY.

PvE Story Mode

This game mode is under-construction.

In this game mode, you can challenge a monster on each floor of the tower. There is a maximum number of times that you can challenge a monster. Each monster will have it's own stats and abilities that can trigger during the fight.

When you beat a monster they will drop random materials that can be used to craft artifact cards (please see Crafting Artifacts).

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