"What is my purpose? All I know is that…I must eliminate all threats." - Y.UNA

Class - Disruptor | Race - Android


Crafted by the gods, Y.UNA was designed to serve as ultimate weapon and guardian that threatens the balance between the mortal and gods realm. Her celestial nature remains a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few. However, she yearned for a purpose beyond the constraints of her programming, beyond being a weapon or tool. Y.UNA began to question the nature of her existence and her past. As Y.UNA delves into the mysteries surrounding her existence, she begins to uncovers her god origins woven into the fabric of her synthetic being.


Y.UNA wields the power of celestial energy with mastery. Armed with her energy sword, she seamlessly blends martial prowess and magical capabilities. Y.UNA's abilities include enhancing her speed and power to cleave enemies, manifesting ethereal wings for enhanced mobility, and disrupting the battlefield. She can channel energy pulses through her energy sword, create gravity fields within the environment, and invoke temporal distortions to alter the flow of battle. Y.UNA's connection with the gods amplifies her strength, speed, and intuition. This combination of celestial and human attributes positions her as a formidable force, both in combat and as a disruptor on the ever-evolving battlefield.


Aethereal Sword

Character Augmentation Material

  • Rare: Carbon Fiber

    • Description: Strong fibers used to create lightweight, but impenetrable armor

  • Epic: Nano Shard

    • Description: Nano particles from the Celestial Realm used to create advanced technology.

  • Legendary: Cosmic Drive

    • Description: A breakthrough in celestial technology used to raise the limitations of holy machines.

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