Battle Mechanics

All battles are carried out automatically. We've chosen the auto battler genre because we recognize that the attention economy is scarce and players' time is limited. We aim to offer a game that lets players decide the duration of their play instead of being locked in for the next 15+ minutes.

Our matchmaking system will attempt to match you as closely as possible according to your rank while ensuring players queued for more than 15 minutes will find a game. As you climb higher in the ranks there will be fewer players at your level - please be aware that queue times and matchmaking will become longer.

How to Win

The winner is decided by an automated battling algorithm that determines the winner based on a set of rules that consider the stats of both the Character Cards and Artifact Cards. The player who has his cards HP run to 0 loses. The player who still has cards with HP above 0 wins.

Turn based actions

There are a number of turns(approx.40) that happen in the entirety of the battle. Every character card will use an action/ability every turn. The position of a character card is determined by it's SPD stats.


Abilities affect the order as well as the actions that occur in-game.


BURN - flat damage(reduced by defence) each turn it is burnt. This effect has a 40% chance to spread to another unit on the same team

FROSTED - minus % spd/pwr/def

POISON - take % of damage based on current HP

STUN - Skip turn

SLEEP - Skip turn but effect disappears when hit

STATUSIMMUNE - blocks every debuff/negative status

CONFUSION - 50% chance to attack normally 50% to attack ally (including self)

Completion of Battle

At the end of every battle you can see the rewards you have gained as well as the statistics of the battle. You can also review the battle in the LOGS section of the game.

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